Your eyes can deceive you, but we won’t. HackNITR rushes up to keep your Grey matter ticking, with its unique Leaderboard. Earn points, climb up the ladder and win exclusive prizes with just a click or a share!

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Workshops and Tech-Talks🔥

For every workshop you attend, 20 Parsecs will be awarded to help you climb the leaderboard.

All the codes mentioned will be valid for only 45 minutes after the workshop ends. So make hay while the sun shines!


Fun event is the mouth-watering dessert after a hectic hack hour! Leaderboard adds up the extra chocolate toppings. We bring a range of fun filled games while we award you with 12 parsecs to aid your ascent up the leaderboard. We know you love surprises, so if u win any mini-event or game, iykyk. All the codes mentioned will be valid for only 30 minutes after the mini-event ends.

Referral System🎗️🧧

A Friend who shares is a friend who cares, not food but the referral code! Share this hackathon with your folks and ask them to join using your devfolio username as the referral code. There goes 12 Parsecs in pockets for every referral (The minimum number of referrals for being eligible is 5)

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Social Media📱^o^

You took part in HackNITR, yet no one knows**. Stop and Share buddy!**

  1. Every post/story on social media with #hacknitr gets rewarded with 5 Parsecs. This challenge can be done for 4 times only per day.
  2. Follow our Socials and submit a screenshot to get 10 Parsecs.
  3. Write a blog about your experience on HackNITR and share it with us to get 25 Parsecs.
  4. We have built some super cool frames at so that you can use them and share them on your social media. We will be gifting you 15 Parsecs.
  5. Share about your learning from workshops through your social media to get 10 Parsecs.
  6. Share your coding set up on social media with #hacknitr and get 10 Parsecs

What’s in Waiting?

Mysterious Swag boxes